Laundry and entrance to 3rd bathroom

( Full bath )  and 3rd bedroom/storage area and to the right is the shop door and back porch door.

​Back yard ( North ) with raised beds and Mountain Fire Pieris shrubs

Shower next to master Bedroom

Green house, not large but It holds 8 drays (12 pots each and space for 3 hanging baskets.  The ridge opens like a clam shell to let the July/August heat out.  the sheves drop down when not in use for more room.


As it is now, my sons Ford truck and motorcycle trailer is stored on the property.  He comes to get the trailer now and then but will always call to let you know he is coming for it.

East yard with fruit trees and blueberry bushes

Under remodel

​Living area ( photos not ready for publication  yet)

​Molly's 3 obstacle course items

​Main Bedroom

My storage shed.  I will keep what ever you don't use in there.

​Office/ 2nd bedroom

​Driveway entrance

Machine shed with old adjoining tool shed

Molly's 3 obstacle course items

​3rd Bedroom/storage

​Full bath

Front yard and front door entrance

Your backyard view in summer

The grate on the left is the 2 year old/10 year warranty  Electric furnace

​Your back yard view in the winter

This room is connected and adjoined to the main home.  I use it as a wood shop but I can clean it out and you can use it for storage or your own craft room or ??