​Beckler River in Late Spring 


Daddy has a long history of pets.  Mostly Dogs cats and horses but I will just tell you about

the last 3 dogs.  There was Cole.  She went sailing with Daddy through some pretty rough

weather at time but always seemed hom.  She rode in Daddy's Helicopter to jobs.  She

usually slept to and from and waited on the sidelines while the helicopter was doing it's

mission.  Sadly Cole was hit by a car that resulted in a severed spine. 

   Then there was Max, a Border Collie that Daddy got as a puppy and  was followed 4 years

later by Jackson, a 10 week old Black Lab found abandoned in an alley.  After 15 years Max

succumbed to a Kidney failure and a year later at age 11, Jackson also died of Kidney failure.   

Exploring my new home in the first 30 days

Hot August 2017

July 2017 - A little playmate

Come February it snowed a lot.  Enough for Daddy to build me a snow man BUT after watching his tom foolery I could not resist and dove into the partially finished snowman.  Love this stuff

Laying in the Lawn Swing  dozing off

We explored a logging road and came

across this doe.  She was curious about

us but I had never seen one before so I

was very cautious.  Sort of afraid but

brave enough watch her for some time. 

She seemed to be grazing on who knows what but soon sauntered off into the underbrush.
    I too, sauntered off into the bushes
in search of smaller animals.


Gordy & Biscuit

When we are not eating, sleeping or Daddy hiding in his office, we have lots of gardening and property upkeep to do.  But that isn't all.  We play a lot.  Every few days Daddy makes me jump over some jumps he made.  It is like school.  I learn to stay, sit, lay down, come when called and DON'T JUMP UP ON PEOPLE !​  I really like people so that one, I can't get it thru my head that not everyone like it.

We took a hike up an unimproved
trail, where it lead we didn't know and
since it was a pretty hot day we
returned to the car and headed home.

Better yet, laying in the hammock listening to the leaves overhead rustle in the breeze

​Heading for the hills !


Biscuit.  He lives with Gordy in Calif.

Daddy did find a place just across the road from our camp site that was isolated with lots of

room to be off

leash and see the Columbia river.  The first night Daddy had dinner with the family

while I waited in the car, sleeping of course. 
Each time Daddy had a meal with the family we stopped at

"our" spot so I could run around.  Being at the campground

wasn't that bad either (being on a leash).

 I watched a lot of going's on that I found interesting.  Of

course bed time

was great,sleeping with Daddy on that big air mattress he has.  

We snoozed right on  through the night every time.

I ran about 3 of the 5 miles on that trip. The second mishap was on a ten mile ride the next day around the river in Wenatchee.  I jumped off Daddy's lap onto the ground while we were underway and did a crunching double somersault.  I learned from those two mistakes and from then on everything went well.  I ran 7 of the 10 miles that time. Roger said that at times I was pulling the rickshaw like a dog sled.  Maybe I can join a dog sled team.  Ha, not really.  Believe me, I was dog tired when we got back to the car,  Get it?  Dog tired ?  Sorry.  Not really, snicker, snicker.
​​   That was on Sunday and Tuesday.  Monday afternoon five of us, me included of course, took the boat and went for a nice ride up towards Wapato point then across the lake and followed the West shore back to Chelan.  It was the first time I had ever been on a boat.  I found it sort of exciting.  I had my front paws on the gunnel a good share of the time and other times I sat next to Daddy for reassurance that we were not  going swimming.  I will tell you tho', I could not wait to get back on the dock​

Bring the back legs up, extend the front legs and perfect, over I go!

​Christmas 2015

Not to bad of a place

.  Now it is ​2016 I am much older now.  Time to go see what is beyond my yard.


 The weather is moderating in February, some.  There are days of morning  fog sunny afternoons.  Daddy says to get in the car and we'll go exploring a little.​​
    The first area we went to in mid Feb. was Olney creek, up in the Sultan Basin. 
    I had not been around creeks or rivers so this was my first exposure.  I wasn't all impressed with the water but things had been there.  I could smell them.  People of course, but other animals too

On Saturday after breakfast we all went on a 5 mile run on some trail in Wenatchee.  Roger, Daddy's brother, has a Rickshaw with electric motor assist.  Daddy has bad knees and one of his sisters cannot run at all so we three rode in the Rickshaw along with 4 others in our group on bicycles.  It was soon I wanted to run with the group so Daddy shortened up on my leash and let me run along side.  I had never done that before so when we came to a light ple I ran on the wrong side and just about strangled  my self before Roger could stop the Rickshaw.  I learned very quick about those poles.


​Back to practice.  Eye the approach.

Our day starts with Daddy stirring in bed.  That is my signal to crawl up on his chest and he will start brushing me. (UPDATE : 7/21/2018  Daddy is looking this page over and realizes I am to big to be up on his chest now. ) 

Sometimes we still fall back asleep for a few minutes but soon we both get ready to go outside and follow the same routine-pretty much..​​​ Once we are both fully awake he unceremoniously boots me off  my bed and out the door.

I look for squirrels and do my private business, then back into the house.  By then Daddy is mostly dressed

and ready to feed the birds.  Outside we go.  We walk around the property looking for anything out of the

I check the fence, go out to the gate and look up and down the road, back into the yard I look for mole hills.

Daddy hates Moles, they dig up his lawn that he meticulously cares for.  Slugs too.   He shows no mercy towards
     We decide what projects to undertake that particular day.  He fills the bird feeder

and continues looking for things that need attention first thing in the morning. If the

lawn needs watering he gets that underway and dead-heads and trims the plants,

keeping them looking good.
    Next is my second favorite thing. Breakfast! I love breakfast because Daddy lets me

lick the plate clean. That way I get some tasty treat and he can simply put the dishes

away I do such a great job.  Hehe.
    Once that grueling task is complete Daddy goes into his office and looks at a screen of some sorts for awhile, sometimes until noon!  What is so exciting about it I will never know. I get bored so I go looking for things to do on my own.  Anyway, soon he comes outside and we play games. He wants me to do some of the games over and over. It's ok for 15 minutes but then I get bored and just quit, going off to play something else.
    After play time Daddy gets the tractor out and we go digging in the dirt. There is that double standard again. He gets too, I don't unless I go to the spare dirt piles and there he lets me dig up a storm throwing dirt all over the place. Sometimes he has a heart.
    Lunch time.  
After lunch we lay in the hammock or in the lawn swing, in the summer.  That is when I

am writing this. That is pretty cool. That and more play time. I like tug-of-war but daddy

thinks it encourages me to bite. Probably so, so we play keep away more often than not. 

I bring him a toy and as he reaches for it I take off like a bolt of lightning. Again, 15 minutes

is enough and Daddy goes about his business in the yard or we go get food at the store.           
    By then it is late afternoon and Daddy likes to watch the news on the TV. I usually lay

next to him gazing out the window looking for moments of unrest. Squirrels, if you know

what I mean. While the news is on and I lay guard against intruders Daddy starts dinner.

He fusses around and clangs pots and pans together but finally he has something

palatable, barely. If I were human I don't think I would eat it but the juices etc. he leaves

on his plate are good, so I do my duty and clean them up for him.
    Entering the shutdown for the night we go outside and rough house around, locking

up the sheds, turning the water off at the main spigot, resting in the lawn swing, enjoying
the view. I like the hammock too. Both are relaxing. I find it a little hard to relax. I am

always looking around and running off to investigate noises and voices.  Soon it is time

to go inside.  Daddy puts things away and goes into his office.  I start laying around and by the time it is dark I am out for the night.

Daddy too, seems to fall asleep soon after I do but sometimes he will get up at 2 AM and has a bowl of ice cream.  He says it is just a small bowl but really HUGE! Oh, sometimes he will have an ice cream bar-2 of them. I don't bother getting up until I hear the scraping of the bottom of the bowl, then I am right there to clean it up. Hey, someones got to do it. Yeah, I hear that all the time.
   Well, it is is very easy to fall back asleep.  After all, it is 2:30 in the mornng - middle of the night - and the night passes. Soon, eerily slow, the sun rises over the mountains and we start all over again.

    This morning Daddy and I went outside and found a very light dusting of snow already on the ground.   I got to see snow falling from the sky.  I tried to catch some of the flakes in my mouth but they just disappeared.  
    It has been in the very low 40's and at night dipping to about 34 degrees or so.  Not enough for real, stick to the ground snow yet but we understand it is coming.
The predicted snow did not happen  but now they ( you know, them ) are predicting an even larger snow storm in the Greater Pacific Northwest region.  It has remained below freezing at night and only 35 F during the days, so if we get any snow at all it will stick.  Then sure enough at the end of 2016 it really snowed.  Several inches around my place. 

Daddy has devised a heating system to keep the humming bird feeders warm during these cold day.
I played in the falling and blowing snow Thursday night and when we went outside Friday morning the storm had laid down another couple of inches of snow.   

This is Molly

That is when we met Jan and Joan.  Two women that had been on the trail quite awhile when Jan twisted her ankle and had to abandon the remainder of their planned hike. They were holding signs indicating they needed a ride down the west side of the moutains.  D
     Daddy and I thought it would be nice to help them out and have someone to talk to on the drive home.  They were  very nice and had some good stories to tell about the hike they had been on.

​Molly is a Border Collie, that's me, living with her owner, henceforth known as Daddy, near the foothills of Washington state's Cascade mountains.​

Sept 12, 2016

Molly's  page

That was 2015, when I was younger

​Front legs tucked, strong push off.

​Three hours later we were in the thick of civilization and Daddy is driving around the Boeing factory complex trying to find Jan and Joan a bus that could get them back to Norh Bend where Jans car was parked.  The busses were for Boeing emplyoyees but Jan asked one of the bus drivers if they knew where to get a bus to North Bend and the driver knew just what to do.  The two ladies jumped out of our car, loaded their gear onto the bus behind us and they were on their way home.
    From then on Daddy and I braved the freeway slowly taking exits that got us pointed towards Gold Bar, our home.
When we got there everything was familiar and good.  I slept for several hours.​

April 2017

​Xmas 2016


This a chronicle of my life with Daddy as I grow up trying to stay out of trouble while having fun and learning good behavior.  Daddy says the trouble part comes naturally to me.


Late Sept. It is a pretty nice day so Daddy and I go just beyond Jacks Pass where the road to Blanca lake Trailhead is.  We could not drive any further due to road wash outs from last winter.  
   So we just got out there and enjoyed the sun, the wind and the Fall colors.​

My first real snowfall.  

​        Dec. 9, 2016

Warm weather, getting the pool filled

He looks like Gordy's twin

March 2017

As Daddy tells it, the passing of Max after 14 years was very sad for him.  Then to have Jackson

pass at age 11 was devastating. 
After 3 months Daddy had a very lonely heart and needed a new companion to fill that void.

That is where I come in.
     Daddy cruised the animal shelters in the area trying to find a rescued dog that would fit

into Daddy's life.  On December 1, 2015 he went to see a litter of four Border Collie/Springer

Spaniel mix.  It was instant with Daddy.  He scooped me up and off we went to my new home.

I was excited with anticipation.  My new home was a fully fenced 1/2 acre with grass, trees, flowers and beautiful shrubs.  I was in heaven until the next day.
     Daddy and his sister had to go to Seattle for most of the day so he put me in a fenced area with ingress and egress to the house with Mimi, his sister's
dog and they left. I had no idea what happened or where Daddy went.  Had I been abandoned ?  My Border Collie brain took over and I found a little tiny space I could squeeze through and I took off.  After a few hours I realized I had no idea where I was.  So I just hunkered down in the bushes of a house where no one seemed to be home.  As the sun went down a Real Estate lady saw me and took me home with her.  Having been with Daddy just 24 hours I had no collar or ID of any kind.  Daddy, his sister, her husband and the social media, lots of people, were looking for me. It took some real effort with posters, talking to neighbors, Facebook, PAWs, an adoption center and the Everett animal shelter to be on the lookout.  Finally Homeward animal adoption center in Woodinville was the one that the Real estate lady called and that put me back in Daddy's hands that evening. What an

emotional ride that was.
Even with the short time I had been with Daddy, I recognized him and was elated. Daddy is happier and I am enjoying my new home.  And guess what?  There are squirrels to chase here.  SQUIRRELS !

I am 6 months old and Daddy has a surprise for me.​  Getting spayed.  I thought we were just going to the store !  Well, I forgive Daddy for that I guess it is for the best, I suppose.

Gordy.  He lives in Calif.

Daily routine

Loving the snow, February 6, 2017.       Molly loves it

​Stretch my body, eye the landing spot.

Darn Hotspots.  Back in the hood again !


But alas, Spring is on it's way.

We met the family in the afternoon.  There were 10 family

members and a couple of friends.  After some Hello's and

good bye's, Daddy and I continued up the road another ten

minutes from the vacation home to the Beebe Campground

where Daddy and I would set up our tent and call it home

for the duration of our time with the family. 

We  camped because the vacation house had a " No Dogs" rule .

Due to that rule, Daddy and I would go up to the vacation house

for meals but I had to wait in the car each time.  I like my spot in

the car so I was happy and simply slept. 

Mmmm.  I have never seen water so clear.  It sure tastes good too.

Soon after the Tuesday bike ride Daddy and I packed up and headed for the mountains.  We stayed Tuesday night at the Klipchuck campground.  We arrived fairly late and just barely finished making camp and eating before it got dark.  We wandered around in the dark, not to far from the car and tent for a while so I could get some exercise and a lay of the land. 
    The next morning, Wednesday, was the coldest morning we have endured so far but Daddy was prepared for it having a propane heater that made the tent nice and toasty.  But, alas, we were ready to head for home so we broke camp and got underway soon after we went for another walk in the forest.  I sure love  
the smell of the forest.
   We stopped at the Rainy Pass campground. Daddy and I took a break and checked out the campground there just out of curosity.  It was nearly full with hikers getting ready to hike the PCT, (Pacific Crest Trail) or just coming off the trail.  

In May we took a little jaunt up to an area called Beckler River.  Just an afternoon break to feel the wind and cool waters of the melting snow not far away.

But Daddy, it itches and I need to scratch

                             Sept. 27, 2016

One of the last nice days to be in the mountains

​Back home, there is a lot to do.  Weed all the gardens so there won't be so many weeds in the Spring.  Mow the lawn

for, maybe the last time this year, fertilize the lawn, gather all the leaves and a few grass clippings to compost during

the winter.
Additionally Fall brings on projects like building a new and improved Strawberry bed, cutting back all the dead and

dying plants.  Taking down the hammock and moving the lawn swing onto the covered porch where Daddy and I

can sit and watch the weather this winter.

Here's a little video of me romping around the yard on one of those sunny Fall days that will become

more and more rare as earlyFall days fade  into Winter days.

Nov. 1, 2016.  Halloween has come and gone.  Daddy and I live at the end of a very dark cul de sac

so we had no trick or treaters.  Just as well, when it gets dark and after I have eaten, I just go to bed.
    But, today I surprised Daddy immensly.  He was talking to the PUD fellow across the fence after

having read our power meter and giving me cookies. I wanted more and they both were ignoring

me.  So, I took a flying leap right through the upper opening on the gate and got out.  Spoilsport

Daddy added some garden fencing to cover that opening so now I have to work on jumping the

entire gate.  Give me time, give me time.
The days and nights are getting colder.  When the wind blows, it nearly always comes through the passes from the East, and the rains seem to never quit.  We don't see the sun for a week at a time, often it is nice to snuggle with Daddy and drink soup and watch TV.  I watch TV, really, I do. 
The furnace started making a loud screeching noise a few days ago.  Daddy said there was a sealed bearing going out.  So, we bought a new furnace.  It is quieter and has a progammable thermostat so Daddy doesn't have to get up at 5 AM to turn the heat up.  He usually does that and goes back to bed for awhile til it gets warm in the house.  We are really broke, beyond broke now but we don't have to worry about the old furnace catching fire.  I never worrried about that but Daddy does.
    There isn't much to do outside.  The grass doesn't grow, all the weeds are pulled up along with the dead plants.  We still have to dig up some of the tubers, bulbs or rhizomes whatever that is.
    We still go to the dog park but half the time it is closed due to high water from the Skykomish river.​

This is the area I live in

My Friends at the Dog Park

Saturday morning, Sept. 10th, Daddy threw a bunch of camping

gear in the car and we headed for Eastern Washington where our

family had rented a vacation home just north of Orondo.  
I ride in a kennel Daddy has in the car for my safety.  It is

comfortable with blankets and water.  Daddy stops about each

hour and a half to let me out and stretch my legs and go do private

business if I have to.

Summer is here

Vacation 2016