​Molly looks over the land on a White Christmas day, 2017

Ahh, I finally can rest at the end of the day while Daddy gets my dinner.

Molly likes the Garbage Technician.  The Garbage Technician likes Molly.  He gives her a treat each time he picks up.

Stalk it

I hope you have seen my hurdles and swinging green ball.  Well now Daddy has built another Agility/Obstacle piece  for me.  Soon he will join them all together along with a hoop that he is working on.and then I will have a mini course.

But I do have to keep vigilante.

Molly is out growing her web site.

It's been a wet winter but except for the light snow some early plants are coming up  but it is still pretty cold.

Feb. 13, 2018.  the day Auggie came to play

It is Fall, 2017,

​First White Christmas we have had in nearly 10 years and who loves it ?

Oh Blush.  I know I am pretty.


 It is late winter but Spring is in the air, I think.

It is dry enough that we can get out and play some.

Pounce !

And home in on the neighbors cat