​Molly looks over the land on a White Christmas day, 2017

Ahh, I finally can rest at the end of the day while Daddy gets my dinner.

Oh Blush.  I know I am pretty.

Molly likes the Garbage Technician.  The Garbage Technician likes Molly.  He gives her a treat each time he picks up.

Stalk it

I hope you have seen my hurdles and swinging green ball.  Well now Daddy has built another Agility/Obstacle piece  for me.  Soon he will join them all together along with a hoop that he is working on.and then I will have a mini course.

​The snow just will not give up.  It is March already !


But I do have to keep vigilante.

Molly is out growing her web site.

 It is late winter but Spring is in the air, I think.

I like to keep an eye on the back yard

It is dry enough that we can get out and play some.

​Man, it's pretty hot for May

It's been a wet winter but except for the light snow some early plants are coming up  but it is still pretty cold.

Pounce !

Feb. 13, 2018.  the day Auggie came to play

It is Fall, 2017,

And home in on the neighbors cat

​First White Christmas we have had in nearly 10 years and who loves it ?